PhotoJournal: Malibu

As I am about to leave the Malibu area permanently in about 10 days: here is my little photo tribute to Malibu and one of my favorite walks of all time: from the lagoon, through surfrider beach to the Pier and back.

This first series of photos I shot at the Adamson House in Malibu. If you live in Malibu and haven't been there, I HIGHLY recommend it!! It's awesome!!
Adamson House gardens.

Mom and son by the Pier.

Surfrider Beach!

The Malibu Pier!! A wonderful place to spend time on a Sunday and just watch the action unfold. Packed mostly with tourists and anglers (people who like to fish).

The lovely trail leading to Malibu Lagoon and the beach!!

All photos copyright 2009 Lydia Supplee.


Capt. Austin Maness said...

awesome photog lydia : )

Lydia said...

thanks austin!! you know i really think you should just give twitter a chance. it really isn't all that evil ;)

Amy L. said...

girl, have we purchased a new camera?! those photos are amazing!