Nick & Sheena

Here's my first "engagement shoot" with two of my very dear friends. Nick and Sheena are two of the most giving and loving individuals I have ever met. I have known both of them nearly my entire 4 years at Pepperdine and have been so blessed through their lives and friendship. They are both passionate about the outdoors, God, the open road, going on adventures, loving people and serving with their whole hearts (in no particular order :)). And they are like family to me. Their wedding will be in Ojai, CA, and while I will be unable to make it as I will be in India, I know it will be absolutely beautiful. Nick & Sheena, thank you for sharing your lives with me and letting me use you as guinea pigs while I mess around with my camera and learn :). I love you guys!!

All of these photos were shot by me (Lydia Supplee) in Calabasas, CA. We went out around dusk/sunset. I wanted to play around with the lighting at that time of day. Here are my favorites. Enjoy!

I like both of these too much to cut one. So here's a different one in black and white:

If you have seen the cover from the movie "The Man From Snowy River"...that's what I was trying to achieve :)

Had to try the dip kiss as I have seen it done so often in engagement shoots :).

Haha! I LOVE this! Mostly because Nick has a hole in his shirt :). Wilderness man.

I think this one might be my absolute favorite:

Although this is a bit dark, I love Sheena's face! :)

All photos copyright 2009 Lydia Supplee.


Elizabeth said...

sheena is gorgeous and you're a great photographer! :)
i really like the kissing ones on the dirt path. so lovely


merandomyoo said...

these are beautiful lydia!

Anonymous said...

ahhh lydia you are the greatest photographer! thank you soo much! if you weren't going to india we would recruit you to do our wedding also :) thanks again and we wish you the best overseas

sheena and nick

Capt. Austin Maness said...

awesome job Lydia.

Nick is still the same ole' goofball.