Andy and his Boys:

This morning at Kalighat, Dominique and I had an incredibly special opportunity to meet Andy from Germany, who first came to Calcutta in 1983 as a traveler just passing through when he happened upon Mother Teresa's Kalighat. We had heard about Andy through a mutual friend in Los Angeles, Folco Terzani, who created the documentary about Kalighat: "Mother Teresa's First Love." Andy was in the documentary back when he was a long-term volunteer at Kalighat...back when Mother Teresa was still alive. Andy worked at Kalighat as a volunteer for 14 years and then received a special calling from God 5 years ago to start his own little home for abandoned mentally handicapped boys in Calcutta. All five of his boys were once dying patients at Kalighat. Some of them were going to be discharged because they were too close to death and the beds at Kalighat were completely, utterly full. Now all 5 boys are stronger, growing taller by the day, laugh and play, and amazingly are even in school and some of them know a little English. They are full of life and joy. Andy is a tireless caretaker, pours so much love into these five boys and calls them his "jewels" and "inspiration." He never grows tired of talking about them and telling their stories. He hopes to increase the size of his home to 15 boys someday soon. He brings them to Mass at Kalighat every Sunday morning and so we had the special opportunity to sit down with him, hear his story and meet his lads. They are beautiful boys. I left Kalighat this morning feeling beyond inspired. There are no words really! It is a beautiful story. The above picture was taken this morning on the roof of Kalighat during the volunteer's lunch. :)

Our time in Calcutta is coming to an end. On Tuesday night we will leave on an overnight train for Varanasi, the "Spiritual City." There we will begin the last bit of our adventures before heading back to Mumbai and our return flight home.


Cathryn said...

so glad you met Andy -- happy reading for me this Sunday morning!


I was with Andy in 1998 and would like to reconnect with him. Does anybody know how to find him in kolkata? Does anybody know the addrees of his new home?