It's 3am (almost)

(above). Summertime in Colorado through my lens.
The blog HearBlack is changing my life right now. Beautiful.

I discovered it on A Cup of Jo...which is a place I frequent. You should too.
It is almost 3am in Colorado and I have plans...yes, plans... to watch the sunrise at Garden of the Gods with two friends at 5:30am...I think it will be better to just stay up all night at this point. Gotta lot on my mind. So much to do. So little time.
Spent an amazing two days here at home with friends from Pepperdine...we went to Pearl Street in Boulder, Poor Richard's in downtown Co Springs, Fox Run Park, and The Mate Factor in Manitou Springs. Sometimes I fail to appreciate how much I do love this place.

Also, I want...no need... to see (500) Days of Summer. Anybody else? Only ONE theater is playing this movie in Denver. How is this possible? Urgh.

(all photos copyright 2009 Lydia Supplee)

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loreneduffyiwertz said...

i want to see 500 days of summer, too! i hear its awesome!