Photojournal India: Varanasi by Sunrise:

And so it begins:

Varanasi, the "Spiritual City," was one of our last destinations in India. And probably one of the most amazing places I have ever seen (or will see) in my entire life. We embarked on a wooden boat by sunrise and I shot most of these photos around 5 in the morning. Here is the initial blog post I wrote about Varanasi that explains what you will see in these photos and their significance.

Enjoy these! I hope they inspire you to encounter places you have never seen before and to meet people with a different point of view...to explore the unfamiliar! You will never regret it!

Varanasi waking up:

In Hinduism the River Ganges is considered to be holy...a god even. People come just to pray and wash in the river.


People come from all over India to cremate their dead and sprinkle the ashes in the River Ganges:

soooooooo early in the morning! :)

all pictures property of Lydia Supplee. Copyright 2009


Capt. Austin Maness said...

beautiful Lydia.

I am soooo jealous.

loreneduffyiwertz said...

Your pictures are AMAZING!

Sarah and Ben said...

These photos are poignant and beautiful... it is amazing the world that exists around us and how much of it we miss in our blindness. Thank you for sharing.