PhotoJournal: the second star to the riiighhht

In between flights from India to the United States, we had an 8-hour flight connection in London. So, of course, we proceeded in our jet-lag exhaustion to ride the tube for an hour from Heathrow into Central London...where we ran around like crazy tourists, had lunch, and even spent a couple hours at the Tate Modern (I was with two artists...what can I say...but it was well worth it!). I LOVE London. Mostly because I am obsessed with Peter Pan. My freshman year of college I spent a week there with my best friend from Colorado and I dragged her to the Peter Pan statue almost every day (creepy? maybe...). Enjoy!
gared (right) belongs @ the tate.
st. paul's
make your own postcard of creative expression @ the tate. they even display them!
here is my attempt.
the Tate Modern.
view of the bridge and St. Paul's from the windows of the Tate.
We're in London!
i want to be these people! (above and below)

if I lived in London I would want to eat here all the time.

break time.
yes, this man's flute/pipe playing abilities added greatly to the atmosphere.

the London eye.
badap bahabahabah i'm lovin it: view of big ben from inside McDonald's.
old fashioned subway.
the second star to the riiight shines in the night for youu.
me in all of my exhausted india glory.

all photos copyright 2009 Lydia Supplee

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