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So I added a new little column over there to the right entitled "Photo&Life Inspiration." I feel like I have hit the jack pot lately discovering experienced, brilliant photographers all over the country, whose work I now absolutely ADORE. I love these guys because their blogs also hold amazing life insights. There is nothing I love more than a photographer (or blogger for that matter) who not only blogs about their work and clients, but also portrays and captures their own passions and experiences in an honest and engaging way.

And I want to share them with you...

Jonathan Canlas Photography:

This guy is a 100% film photographer, which is pretty amazing to me in this digital era. Check out this post on Watts to experience some of his brilliance. He is fearless, I LOVE it. He also blogs about his family a lot, which is grand.

Max Wanger Photography:

I discovered Max through A Cup of Jo (home to all things cool). Wow, his creativity blows me away.

Our Labor of Love:

So I came upon these people sort of randomly, but as soon as I read the bio on their blog I was sold (too cute). It also helps that their body of work is incredibly DIVERSE and freakin BEAUTIFUL.

Digital Photography School:

Ok, sooo this blog doesn't exactly feature one photographer...it's a community of many. It's a 100% FREE place for experienced photographers to share their insights and new photographers to ask any questions they want and to improve their skills! There are also weekly challenges and hourly (literally hourly) blog posts from writers on growing as a digital photographer in any number of areas. As a relatively new photographer, I have consulted this site numerous times when I want to try out a new technique, learn more about my camera, experiment with lighting or editing and the list goes on! It's perfect for me right now, since I don't have the money to take a class. It's almost overwhelming the amount of helpful information on this blog. Oh how I looove social media and networking. It's just fabulous.

And last but not least!

The amazing Natalie Norton of Natalie Norton Photography. I discovered Natalie through her articles on Digital Photography School. She writes about everything such as How to Become a More Confident Photographer or Photographing Your First Wedding. Natalie is fun to read...she is so witty. My favorite part about her though, is that she is unafraid to share her own photography secrets, skills, and history with the photography community. Her philosophy is ABUNDANCE. She does not jealously guard her techniques, but openly shares...and people love and respect her for it...as they should.

So there you have it. Enjoy these and happy photographing/blogging!
(photo of me by me :)...2009)

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