Survivor + The Monument of Our Hearts

A friend of mine from college, Brett Clouser, is a Survivor Samoa 2009 contestant!! In honor of the Survivor premiere tonight, which is just seconds away, I wanted to blog a little promo for his clothing company, The Monument of Our Hearts...something I have been wanting to do for a while anyway. Brett first started this company while he was still a student at Pepperdine. He's an incredibly talented designer and has recruited the brilliance of other artists and designers. As a company, TMOOH lives and breathes advocacy, challenging what society has come to accept as the norm. The mission of TMOOH is to "design apparel that creates conversations and empowers people to feel beautiful." On top of that, their clothes are 100% fair trade and "strive for environmental responsibility." Check em out.

Here's my favorite item...partly cause I own and love this piece and partly because this was a design collaboration with the incredibly talented artist, Dominique Ovalle (who was also one of my India traveling buds).

photo credit: The Monument of Our Hearts 2009

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