Photojournal: Brooklyn and the Bridge

It was a frigid cold week in NY. But my little sis was in town and that didn't stop us from bundling up and heading to Brooklyn. I've been wanting to do a walk across the bridge ever since I moved here...but was waiting for Lynnae's visit. :) It's beautiful. If you are ever in NY even for a little bit, then this is an absolute must! Sure, it's touristy...but it's worth it! The best views of the city are arguably from Brooklyn!! Plus, there's a great pizza place waiting for you on the other side! (Frank Sinatra's favorite place :). Enjoy!

all the best views are from Brooklyn!
the famous pizza under the brooklyn bridge! well worth the wait in line :)
photos copyright 2009 Lydia Supplee


loreneduffyiwertz said...

I loooooove Grimaldi's! Your photos make me want to live in ny... Not fair!

: )

Lydia said...

come visit!! we can go to grimaldi's :)