A New York Thanksgiving part one

I spent Thanksgiving here in a New York apartment with some very dear friends. We all stayed in one place for a few days. It was wonderful...it felt like our own little family reunion. I have so many photos...there will be a part two and maybe even a part 3. We had the chance to see some of the parade, take a misty morning walk through Central Park, eat a HUGE meal together, take the Staten Island ferry and go to the Met. These photos are mostly from our walk in the park. I just couldn't resist posting a few more of fall :).
pre-thanksgiving baking preparations
the largest sweet potato i have ever seen!
our group...headed towards the parade.
Kyna (above). my favorite from the day
misty morning.
wet boots.
cute puppy, Lulu, who was staying with us.
westside market adventure to buy ingredients.
walking back from the market. Clara and Peter. cuties. :)

More to come soon! I have so much to be thankful for this year. Hope you had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones!


The Philosopher Kings

Regrettably, I missed the screening of this film in New York:

Here's the calendar of screenings...looks like Canada is the next stop. I am constantly amazed by the inspiration and awareness films are able to create. I hope they come back to New York!


PhotoJournal: Astoria Park

i live in a little area of Queens called Astoria.

we're right on the river, across from manhattan.

fall is ending. thanksgiving is here. christmas is creeping up.

one, two great songs I am embarressed to say...from the New Moon soundtrack. I know, I know. but hey, they put Bon Iver on the soundtrack. you just can't go wrong with Bon Iver.



happy friday to you! although it is now saturday here on the east coast. my friday afternoon consisted of running errands in manhattan, getting some serious laundry done, absorbing the beautiful new york fall weather (STILL!!!), and reflecting upon how fond i am of Astoria (the mostly greek area of queens that i now call home). i ended the evening by catching a colorful sunset out my apartment window (above) and with a late-night dinner and dessert with an old friend at Penelope in manhattan. i had the cranberry and apple cobbler and a delightful brew--both are pictured above. lovely. it's been a good friday. i needed it after a brutal week.

i have been enjoying:
1) this blog. cute.
2) this song. i watched About a Boy for the first time when i was sick last weekend.
3) my old, slightly worn TOMS shoes (above)
4) catching up on Lost (season 5 baby!)
5) catching up on Survivor. my friend Brett is still around!!! he's going to be in the top 2. i know it.
6) Looking forward to seeing New Moon tomorrow (yes, i'm one of THOSE), and to thanksgiving and a pepperdine reunion next week!!!

happy weekend :).



I wish to see Ladakh in Northern India in person someday. Someday sooner rather than later I hope.

This is a production photo from a film by Peter Rodger called Oh My God. He traveled in 23 countries for three years asking everybody one question: What is God?


Central Park Reservoire

I finally came down with the flu that everyone seems to have. Today I canceled my babysitting job :(, woke up reaally late. Tried to convince myself to run errands. Failed. Tried to convince myself to do laundry. Failed. Found myself instead on the couch with a blanket and tomato soup, watching UP for the second time (I'm in love), and then creating a Flickr account (finally), and messing around. The result= the above photo collage of Central Park Reservoir. After lunch with a friend last weekend on the Upper East Side, we wound up in the park as we usually do. Fortunately this time, I had my camera. As you can see, the weather was perfect. I also found a delightful blog today via hearblack, called the blue hour. I love the warmth you can create through a series of pictures on a blog :).
Hope you are managing to stay healthy during this flu epidemic :/. If you want to see more images from Central Park check out my flickr.


PhotoJournal: The Ivy League

I brought my camera along to the Columbia vs. Harvard football game that I watched with some fellow Columbia friends today. I'm not really that into sports at all...but it was still fun to watch and practice getting a few shots. I overexposed many of them and had some difficulty with the action shots. I posted my best action shot below...not as sharp as I would have liked...but whatever. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. Chilly, but beautiful. After the game, we headed down to the famous Shake Shack on Columbus and 79th. So as promised there are a few more NY fall photos below. I'm gonna try and snatch even more of the rapidly fading colors tomorrow if I have some time. Hope you are enjoying these last weeks of fall as we catapult (literally) into Thanksgiving and the holiday season. For some reason I do not feel quite ready for the holidays this year. I want things to slow down a little bit. Don't get me wrong I adore Christmas, but for some reason the Christmas commercials, Starbucks holiday cups and Target covered in paper snow flakes all feels a little out of place to me at the moment. I need more time! Or maybe just something to put me in the Christmas spirit. Anyway, enjoy these!

the crimson clad Harvard band came out all the way from Boston :)
Columbia guys at the end of a huddle
my best true "action" shot...i know kinda crummy. Oh well.
Half of the Ivy League flags
Columbia Lions.
More fall colors near the Shake Shack on the Upper West Side

Shake Shack.
all photos copyright 2009 Lydia Supplee