Central Park Reservoire

I finally came down with the flu that everyone seems to have. Today I canceled my babysitting job :(, woke up reaally late. Tried to convince myself to run errands. Failed. Tried to convince myself to do laundry. Failed. Found myself instead on the couch with a blanket and tomato soup, watching UP for the second time (I'm in love), and then creating a Flickr account (finally), and messing around. The result= the above photo collage of Central Park Reservoir. After lunch with a friend last weekend on the Upper East Side, we wound up in the park as we usually do. Fortunately this time, I had my camera. As you can see, the weather was perfect. I also found a delightful blog today via hearblack, called the blue hour. I love the warmth you can create through a series of pictures on a blog :).
Hope you are managing to stay healthy during this flu epidemic :/. If you want to see more images from Central Park check out my flickr.

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