happy friday to you! although it is now saturday here on the east coast. my friday afternoon consisted of running errands in manhattan, getting some serious laundry done, absorbing the beautiful new york fall weather (STILL!!!), and reflecting upon how fond i am of Astoria (the mostly greek area of queens that i now call home). i ended the evening by catching a colorful sunset out my apartment window (above) and with a late-night dinner and dessert with an old friend at Penelope in manhattan. i had the cranberry and apple cobbler and a delightful brew--both are pictured above. lovely. it's been a good friday. i needed it after a brutal week.

i have been enjoying:
1) this blog. cute.
2) this song. i watched About a Boy for the first time when i was sick last weekend.
3) my old, slightly worn TOMS shoes (above)
4) catching up on Lost (season 5 baby!)
5) catching up on Survivor. my friend Brett is still around!!! he's going to be in the top 2. i know it.
6) Looking forward to seeing New Moon tomorrow (yes, i'm one of THOSE), and to thanksgiving and a pepperdine reunion next week!!!

happy weekend :).


Anonymous said...

What! You know Brett from Survivor? I'm hopelessly addicted to this show and he's been so silent that I really think he's going to win.

Love your blog, thanks for posting on mine so I could find yours :)

Lydia said...

yeah!! haha...he's a friend from college. i'm absolutely convinced he made it to top two. at least. :)...thanks for the link to the reindeer herders!!