Canon Powershot

Sorry about my absence the past couple of weeks. Finals were all-consuming. But they are over and now I am home in the great state of Colorado!! It is so amazing to be home. My sister's wedding shower was yesterday and it was beautiful.

Right after we finished up with finals, a few of us headed down in the freezing cold to Rock Plaza just to see the Christmas tree and festivities. It was totally worth the trip...even though it felt like 6 degrees outside. I had my little Powershot in my pocket and snapped a few (I was too lazy to carry my heavy DSLR with me through finals). It was pretty spectacular...and made me think of the movie Elf. :)

I'm looking forward to a busy but wonderful few weeks ahead. I still have to do ALL of my Christmas shopping, mail Christmas cards, catch up with friends, and my sister's getting married, did I mention that? :)

Also the SURVIVOR SEASON FINALE is TONIGHT. Be sure to watch Brett and vote for him as fan favorite (by texting 4 to 81818)! Also, as a side note, today is the last day you can get TMOOH gear with a 10% discount (the code is Galu).

Wishing you a wonderful five-days-leading-up-to-Christmas!!!

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