Colorado Sunset

I've been wanting to post these for about a week...but tonight I finally have a breath to do so! My little sis got married on friday and moved to London with her new husband today! Crazy!

My youngest sisters take piano lessons out in the boonies :). I went to pick them up from their lessons the other day right when the sun was setting, and I jumped out of my car to grab the fading colors. Beautiful. I rarely get this view of the sun setting over the mountain range outside of the city. I'm also really liking the effect of the telephone poles for some reason.

I should mention that one of my New Year goals is to take one picture everyday for the entirety of 2010 and post them on flickr. I have already failed in the flickr area (not one picture has made it to flickr yet). But I hope that by mentioning it on here, I might feel accountable to taking and posting my "365" picture project. I was inspired by the blue hour.

How's everyone else doing with their New Year resolutions?

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loreneduffyiwertz said...

I LOVE your resolution! I think I'm going to steal it from you... Haha! Thanks for the idea! Miss you!