This morning I rolled out of bed in a very bad mood. I've had a nasty cold and flu for 3 days now, it was cold, I didn't want to go to work, and it was early. But then I peeked out my window and stopped in amazement.... 
it was SNOWING! My very first New York snow (I missed the blizzard over the holidays). This instantly put me in a better mood. Snow makes January seem cool, seem bearable, instead of just...bleh. Snow makes everything better, makes everything magical.  
After riding the train/subway and beginning my 10 minute walk to work from the station, I was still very much caught up in the land of enchantment. A Snowy New York City. But everyone around me seemed to be pretty pissed about the snow. Everyone was scowling and grimacing and complaining about it on their cell phones and...oh wait, this is New York... that happens every day no matter the weather.  ;)
It was lovely..felt like a whole other world!
But then, by the time my morning shift was over everything looked like this (above).
And this. Back to the good ol' January cold, wet, gray, concrete. meh. 
I work right by Columbus Circle, and I may or may not have stood under the blue tree lights by the Time Warner building in order to get that magical feeling back (above).
Here's a different exposure so you can see how blue it really is...pretty magical, right? I may or may not do this on a regular basis anyway.
Side note: I work a very random job, very near Carnegie Hall (above). My major in college was music...so every time I pass it, I always think about what it was like to be a music major...oh the ups and downs.
I also pass by this lovely little cafe on my way to work everyday. Ever since day one, I have always wanted to eat breakfast there. It just always looks so warm, cozy, and inviting during this cold, cold month. I fantasize about eating there on my way to work, usually because I don't want to go to work...and it's early...and it's cold. Today was no different. I wanted to be that girl, with that guy right there, checking out the menu (they decided to go in and eat). 
The menu is pretty expensive. Otherwise, I would make it a goal to go and eat there before I leave New York...hmmm, maybe I just will anyway.


Anonymous said...

I would definitely go to Carnegie with you! What days/times are good for? And who what kind of music would you want to see? (I'm guessing piano...and you strike me as a Chopin fan.)

loreneduffyiwertz said...

You make me want to live in New York!!!

Morgan said...

You're so cute :) I understand snow. And cozy cafes. Go eat there!