Happy Friday

Happy friday!
I had a very interesting week. I spent a lot of time at Columbia (above). As you can probably tell, I'm loving the scraggly bare branches of the trees. The Wednesday "blizzard" had all of NYC frazzled. Schools were cancelled for only the 3rd time in 6 years. It was pretty lovely! I stayed in and baked Monet's Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins (also above). Go visit her blog now. She is going to open a bakery someday soon. Those muffins were to die for (sidenote: I'm not a baker, so mine did not come out very pretty, but they were delicious!).

I have some links to share with you...here is a friday list! I love lists.

1)  Another beautiful photoblog! Tommy lives in London. I came across her via the blue hour.

2) Our Labor of Love is selling their SmileBooths!!! If only I had a pile of extra cash lying around...

3) I have never seen Jimmy Fallon's Robert Pattinson impression until today. Thanks, Lorene for posting! (hilarious)

4) I love this Anil Dash article I found via the blue hour. It is pre-state of the union address. But still. It inspires me to write and share more about causes I care about.

5) And speaking of causes I care about: Congrats to the Ashraya Initiative for Children and their beautiful new addition to the family!! Follow them on twitter and check out their facebook page and albums. They do incredible work with children in the slums of Pune, India. I volunteered with them over the summer and their kiddos stole my heart!

6) Last but not least, I have a hectic work weekend ahead of me. But on Sunday I may use some free time to take a journey down to Brooklyn for the Brooklyn Flea. Thanks to Cup of Jo for the link!

Happy weekend to you!


loreneduffyiwertz said...

Blueberry cream cheese muffins?! O. M. G.

I can't believe you'd never seen that Jimmy Fallon impression! I'm glad to have enlightened you!

Miss you!

hearblack. said...

you make new york look great.. .and cold