Photos to Share:

Here's some recent photos I've taken...nothing too exciting--just life in New York as I know it now :)...
My Valentines Day (LAST weekend...holy cow!) was spent with a friend in Midtown with the Red Empire State Building and thai food. Our meal began with Pomegranate Lemonade and Thai Iced Tea (yum!!...non-alcoholic delights!)

Evidently I have taken it upon myself to photograph Astoria Park in every season. There's also one of the local Greek Orthodox Church and the view from my back window of the blue sky on Valentines Day. I've been missing that sky on these cold winter days.

One more thing to share with you on this Friday evening:

The brilliance of Jonsi from Sigur Ros.


I've seriously watched this at least 20 times. 

Happy Friday to you! Any brilliant weekend plans? I've got Yoga on the brain and I can't wait for a Saturday morning class in the Village...love this place...I'll write more about it sometime! 

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Morgan said...

Hey, was it you that said you didn't want to be the girl who takes her camera with her everywhere and takes pictures that make her life seem more fun than everyone else's? Haha, because that is what I want sometimes. Also, that video is amazing.