I just can't resist doing one last post about Boston to tell you about this cafe/coffee shop we visited while I was there. Diesel is a huge place and my friend Michelle's favorite study spot. We camped out there most of the afternoon since it was chilly outside. I insisted that we try out the old school photo-booth. So we scrounged up some change and gave it a try! What fun!!!!
Michelle, thanks for an incredible weekend! :) 


Boston Sunset

Last Saturday ended with a beautiful sunset on the Charles river in Boston. I chose my 5 favorite photos of the after-effects of the sun going down. The top two are very similar but were taken in different spots at different points of the sunset. Even though the fourth one is a bit blurry, you can still see the dome of the MIT library all lit up across the river, which is where we started our walk earlier that day.

Hope everyone's had a nice weekend! I just found out that next Saturday is international pillow fight day and that New York has a city-wide pillow fight in Union Square. Now you now my weekend plans :)....come out if you're in New York!!


Boston: part one

Last Saturday my friend Michelle took me all around Boston! It's an incredible city...I can't believe how much ground we covered in one day. We started out at MIT and walked across the street to the river (1st 3 pictures), then headed towards the bridge over to downtown Boston. We walked all around Beacon Hill, where we found a beautiful flower/garden shop. Then we made our way to the Boston Commons, the Public Library (where we saw an INCREDIBLE photo-journalism display by Boston photographer Jules Aarons--second to last photo). We ate a late lunch on Newbury Street and ended the day with a stunning sunset on the river!

Change of subject: I must tell you that I've been swept away and caught up in The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society since Monday. I just finished it last night. It's one of those books that you wish would just never end. I actually wanted to be inside the story, join the society and be friends with all of the characters. The island of Guernsey has been added to my long list of places to see and visit someday. Please read it. Or google it and read the rave reviews first if you must :).


PhotoJournal: Cambridge

I have here some photos of Cambridge--my first in what is looking to be a set of three photo posts about Boston. :) One of my very dear friends from college lives in Cambridge and I was in Boston to visit her. While I was waiting for her to get off work on Friday, I wandered around Cambridge by myself...taking lots of time to stroll through Harvard and Harvard Yard. Then I found a pleasant square where I sat down to read. The first time I visited Cambridge was last year. I was sick and the weather was particularly dreary. While I adored Cambridge I was unimpressed with Harvard (which probably had more to do with the fact that I had just come from New York by bus and was sick). However I am pleased to say that my opinion of Harvard's campus has changed. Harvard will now forever remain in my mind as old and grand and beautiful set against a late afternoon sky. I will now always think of the shadows of the buildings and the beautiful slots of sunshine.

I'll post more about Boston soon! Sorry about the last photo. It doesn't really fit and I don't really have another place for it. I found this little garden shop in Cambridge and I liked the vibrant pink flowers.



I miss you all! Where did last week go? I can't believe how quickly March is passing by. It's a curious time of the year. Flowers have made an appearance at the farmers market alongside the apples, yet the trees are still totally bare. The weather is beautiful one day and wretched the next. They say that March in New York comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. I think it's true. I went to Bryant Park last week to meet up with some friends and I got there rather early. I sat in front of the New York Public Library by some happy looking flowers, snapped some photos and read a couple chapters of To Kill A Mockingbird. Can you believe I've never read it before? I've decided now is the time! Twilight came quickly and I think my favorite picture from the day is the last one: the Empire State Building clearly reflected in this big city office building.

I've got lots of photos to share this week after spending a lovely weekend in Boston! Stay tuned if you'd like! :)


PhotoJournal: Saturday--Continued

I can't sleep tonight...so that warrants a blog post!
Here are more of my photographs from last Saturday. It was a big day!
My friend C. joined me in the afternoon and we headed to Washington Square Park (top 2 pictures...we saw some entertaining street performing!)
The next 5 are images are from an awesome coffee place on Bleecker Street...and some LEGIT street performing (that quartet was seriously amazing!). Also, yogurt and blackberries from a Pinkberry knock-off on Bleecker, which was slightly better than Pinkberry itself I might add (and cheaper!).
Next stop was a walk across the Williamsburg Bridge. If you live in New York or are visiting in the near future, you might want to add this to the itinerary. It provides a unique view of the city. While not as picturesque as the Brooklyn bridge, it's still overwhelmingly beautiful--in a different way. You walk on a caged footpath, with the highway and train roaring underneath you, while looking out over the vastness of Manhattan through the bars.

Last but not least, I got suckered into buying this framed Robert Doisneau print from a street vendor in Williamsburg. I am a sucker. My best friend Rach, got me hooked on Robert Doisneau's photographs in high school. This picture in particular makes me think of her, because it's always been her favorite one (is it still, Rach?:). Anyway, I've never been able to find it in any stores or on the street oddly enough until Saturday. It's now one of the only pictures that graces my wall right next to a black and white poster of a lighthouse in Main and a poster from Coldplay's Viva La Vida tour.

How's the week been for you? It's Friday!! Yippee!!!