PhotoJournal: Saturday--Continued

I can't sleep tonight...so that warrants a blog post!
Here are more of my photographs from last Saturday. It was a big day!
My friend C. joined me in the afternoon and we headed to Washington Square Park (top 2 pictures...we saw some entertaining street performing!)
The next 5 are images are from an awesome coffee place on Bleecker Street...and some LEGIT street performing (that quartet was seriously amazing!). Also, yogurt and blackberries from a Pinkberry knock-off on Bleecker, which was slightly better than Pinkberry itself I might add (and cheaper!).
Next stop was a walk across the Williamsburg Bridge. If you live in New York or are visiting in the near future, you might want to add this to the itinerary. It provides a unique view of the city. While not as picturesque as the Brooklyn bridge, it's still overwhelmingly beautiful--in a different way. You walk on a caged footpath, with the highway and train roaring underneath you, while looking out over the vastness of Manhattan through the bars.

Last but not least, I got suckered into buying this framed Robert Doisneau print from a street vendor in Williamsburg. I am a sucker. My best friend Rach, got me hooked on Robert Doisneau's photographs in high school. This picture in particular makes me think of her, because it's always been her favorite one (is it still, Rach?:). Anyway, I've never been able to find it in any stores or on the street oddly enough until Saturday. It's now one of the only pictures that graces my wall right next to a black and white poster of a lighthouse in Main and a poster from Coldplay's Viva La Vida tour.

How's the week been for you? It's Friday!! Yippee!!!


Rach said...

ah!!!!! I still LOVE that photo!!!!! I love that size and frame too!!! :) Great buy ;)

Also, I feel so honored to be mentioned in your blog! Thanks girly!

Andy Quirks said...

I love, love, love tehse photos! especially the yogurt!

keep em coming! will tune in!


loreneduffyiwertz said...

You are so talented my friend! Chad and I are planning on visiting in July... Will you be in the city then? If you are you'll need to take me to your favorite places to take photos!