I spent the perfect New York saturday exploring the West Village.
Joanna Goddard's stoop sale was amazing (above)!! It was wonderful to meet you, Joanna!
Thanks for letting me get a picture with you...
and for recommending that I check out Murray's Cheese shop (also pictured above).
I got distracted on the way to the stoop sale by those balloons caught up in the trees
(reminding me of the movie, UP),
and by the cute puppies in a tiny shop called Le Petit Puppy. 
Even though Joanna and Alex had already sold a lot of stuff by the time I finally made it to their sale, 
I still happened to score a sweet red Moop bag
and this beautiful book of photography:
It's sitting on my desk right now.
I think I'll keep it right here by my computer for daily inspiration!
And if you don't read A Cup of Jo...well, you should!
So much inspiration and art!
You'll understand why I was so excited to meet Joanna. :)
I hope you all had a lovely spring weekend! 


Joanna Goddard said...

thank you so much, it was so wonderful to meet you!!!

Joanna Goddard said...

ps. your photographs are BEAUTIFUL!

Cathryn said...

Beautiful warm pictures! I'm so glad you are sharing them--helps me visualize your life there a bit more. Love you!
ps your mom and 3 sisters are jealous :-)...

Monet said...

Lydia, your pictures are stunning...they make me want to pack up and move to New York tomorrow. I love your blog, keep it up!

RachaelHope said...

I'm so so jealous you got to go the stoop sale and meet Joanna! I so so owe you for getting me totally hooked on her blog.

love the pics!!! wanna move back to colorado so you can 2nd shoot with me?!

Morgan said...

Ah! You got to meet Joanna!! I would have loved to go to her stoop sale. Gracie sent me a link to her blog last summer, and I've been reading everyday ever since :)

Lydia said...

Thank you!!!! love you all!!
and Rach, you bet!! :)

Anna said...

thanks for the sweet comment!! oh and soooo jealous you got to meet joanna!! that picture of you two is darling!! hooray for blog friends!

p.s. your photos are AMAZING!!!!

Irene said...

hey hey! Lydia, you'll absolutely love Stones into Schools! In my opinion, it's even better than Three Cups of Tea! It's so life changing and eye opening and awesome.
By the way, I absolutely am so inspired by you - going to India for a few months and simply serving, I love it! It's something I definitely want to do, and I'm actually in nursing school right now because I want to go work overseas in places like the children's homes you visited. How's New York? Wonderful and fabulous?

hearblack. said...

joanna, seems really great.

and really glad you got "year of mornings" .. it's really simply photography, but that's what I like the most

hope you're having a good day,


lauren said...

I started reading Cup of Jo after you recommended it last summer-how great you got to meet her!
I really like everything about your blog.