Central Park.

I've been feeling a bit worn down lately. This city, as amazing as it is, can really do that to you--wear you down quickly. A quick and easy remedy for me is to grab a camera and go on a photo walk. I had a pretty busy day today...but I managed to sneak in an hour or so walking around on the East Side of Central Park. I don't spend nearly enough time in Central Park. It has really come to life these past spring days...kids and dogs and people and music and runners and rollerskaters...you can find just about anything and everything there! I am obsessed with all of the green and explosions of color and flowers on the trees. It pretty much puts my other post on spring colors to shame :). Hope you all are having a splendid weekend and enjoying the color in your life!


kamlakar Mishra Smriti Sansthan said...

hi,i think u feel t nature very closely........thankas

Monet said...

Spring has sprung! Your pictures make me excited to come and visit...I can't wait to see you.

Morgan said...

I love the photo of the children gathered around that man :) we had some good blossoms this past week... and then another snow storm.