Happy Easter! Spring is here!

Some randoms for you today starting from the top:
Tree blossoms on a West Village street I found yesterday. Spring has come!
Sunset over Manhattan from a walk in Astoria park last week.
Donuts at the famous Doughnut Plant on the Lower East Side for breakfast yesterday and a beautiful siberian husky waiting for his owner.
Last but not least, yesterday's pillow fight in Union Square was quite a success!...as you can see from the masses of people and sea of white. I went into the thick of it for about a minute, lost my pillow, recorded a video, got clobbered too many times to count and got the heck outta there. :)

Happy Easter! Hope you're enjoying this day surrounded by friends and loved ones (and of course enjoying the stuff you gave up for Lent :)).


Morgan said...

Loving the first image :)

especially because it's been snowing hard for the past week here in Utah!!

Capt. Austin Maness said...