Tim Burton and the MOMA

Whew. It's been a week! It's good to look through some pictures from a few weeks back... I headed to the Tim Burton exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art with a friend a couple o' weeks ago. The exhibit sold out quickly, but thanks to our trusty student IDs, we got in! We couldn't take any pictures inside the exhibit, but I went crazy in the MOMA garden area, which was surrounded by lots of odd buildings. The whole area looked like it could be straight out of a Tim Burton film! One of these photos pictures the creative entrance and waiting area before the Burton exhibit (guess which one). Another photo features a grass-cut figure found in the gardens that looks very similar to a certain other grass-cut figure in a certain Tim Burton film (Edward Scissorhands).  The exhibit itself was incredible. It was hard to believe that everything I was seeing came out of this one individual's mind. Crazy and beautiful! Looking through these makes me want to watch a Burton film this very moment. Those of you who are fans, what's your favorite Tim Burton film? I think mine will always be The Nightmare before Christmas. Hope ya'll are having a great week!


hearblack. said...

that last photo is great.
such cool architecture

Morgan said...

I'm so jealous!

loreneduffyiwertz said...

Your pictures are wonderful as always! My favorite Tim Burton Movie is a tie between Sleepy Hollow and Big Fish and James and the Giant Peach and Beetlejuice and Edward Scissor Hands and Alice in Wonderland. Haha.