Testing, testing, 123

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I'm testing out a new image-hosting site for my photography with this blog post :). I want to return to the large images! What do you think? I already know I like it much, much better than the quality of the standard blogger photo uploader (which has really gone down the tubes recently).

The photos above are from a recent dinner I had with my friend Ryan at an excellent local Greek food restaurant in my NY neighborhood, Astoria (which is primarily a Greek area). The bottom photo is part of our meal: meatballs, chicken souvlaki and lemon potatoes! We ordered wine which came in a very interesting jug. To top it all off we got a little free dessert (top photo--a sign of hospitality that many Greek restaurants adhere to in this area). It's definitely a fun cultural experience out here in Queens :).


lorene said...

Teach me your ways oh wise one! How does image-hosting work???

kamlakar Mishra Smriti Sansthan said...

can i join u ? nice photo...thanks

Monet said...

beautiful! what kind of camera do you have, by the way? i'm in the market for a new one