The Heights

I'm baaaaack!! If you are reading this, then thank you. It's been a while. I would have abandoned me by now :). But I've missed you all! Seriously. Missed you.

 Since May, I've moved out of my apartment in Astoria and into the city, where I've been moving around from place to place, staying with friends and trying to keep up with all of the change that is taking place in my life. My first stop after Astoria was Washington Heights and my friend Jess.

Washington Heights is located in Northern Manhattan...very far North of what is considered to be the "City" for you non-New Yorkers :). It's a unique place with its own flavor: most of the signs are in Spanish and you can find some of the best Dominican food in America located in the heart of the Heights. The George Washington Bridge (pictured above) connects this part of Manhattan island to New Jersey. And just under the bridge is a beautiful little red lighthouse.

Jess took me on a walk around her neighborhood and on a path around and under the bridge by the lighthouse. I fell in love. Not just with the lighthouse, but the whole place. I forgot I was in New York City until I stood underneath the lighthouse, looked out on the water and saw a tiny Empire State Building (pictured 3rd up from the bottom). Maybe I will live in the Heights some day. In the meantime, thank you to Jess for being such an amazing host, cooking me delicious food and showing me around the neighborhood!

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lorene said...

I've missed your blogs! I'm so glad you're back! See you tomorrow!