Last week, I headed home to Colorado for a quick visit. A heat wave hit New York City a few days after I left. I can't tell you how happy I was to be outside in cooler weather. On Monday, I hiked up to Catamount Falls near my parents' house with my mom and little sister. Blue skies, freezing cold water. Beautiful. Now here I sit in New York City, 12:34am, sweating my brains out. Happy summer.


Monet said...

It was so good to see you...I'm glad you had such a refreshing trip.

Cathryn said...

Love the first picture! ...and I still can't believe you hiked in flip flops!

Laura said...

You would hike in flip flops. :) Why cant you be colorawesome like everyone else and hike in your decked out tevas?! baha jk. Wish i could have hiked with you guys, but we shall be hiking together in the amazing mountain air in no time (although i never was the most enthusiastic hiker! i need to work on that :)). love you!