Mini Manhattan Road Trip

The concrete jungle has been ridiculously hot as of late. Today is one of the first days in a long while we've been greeted with pouring rain and cooler temps. Last week I was pretty miserable in the heat.  So a friend of mine was kind enough to invite me on a mini road trip in her air conditioned car from Manhattan to Brooklyn. I was so excited, as I had never traveled around Manhattan by car, besides the extremely rare occasion when I take a cab. It was a fascinating experience...I have a whole new perspective on New York City now.  We drove along the highway by the Hudson River (1st two pictures), and then continued over the Brooklyn bridge and into Park Slope, Brooklyn (7th picture down).

In Park Slope we stopped by a CSA Share drop off/pick up point (not pictured, unfortunately) to pick up a box of fresh fruit and veggies for some friends who were out of town. Have you guys ever heard of these CSA Shares? What an excellent way to buy and eat fresh food locally. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Basically, if you purchase a membership to a CSA near you, a local farm provides you with a very large box of fresh produce and/or dairy items every week! I'd highly recommend considering a subscription to a CSA if you live with your partner or family, or within a larger community...they provide you with so much fresh food!!

After a delicious thai food dinner, we headed back into the city...the last picture I snapped was driving back over the Brooklyn bridge.
New York, thank you for cooling down a few degrees so I can enjoy living here again :)

*all photos snapped with my canon powershot sd1000

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