Some photos above from my weekend. Friday afternoon was spent in an air-conditioned corner of Barnes and Noble devouring (quite literally devouring--I'm almost done with it!) Eat, Pray, Love, then meeting up with some friends to watch Inception....but more on all that another time! I spent Saturday evening alone in Riverside park on an empty bench. I picked up some take out Indian food from Bombay Frankie's on my way over and ate while watching the sun set over New Jersey and the Hudson River. It was nice. I do love Riverside Park. Then I proceeded in true Lydia form to eat all of the food I bought, even though some of it was supposed to be for the next day, and made myself sick (entirely my own fault). It will be a while before I eat at Bombay Frankie's again...although it is one of my favorite places!

Sunday, a friend invited me to a fantastic wine class at New York Vintners by city hall (which I would highly recommend!...we went to the "Biodynamic and Organic Wine" class). Afterwards, we walked around Wall street and I realized it was my first time truly seeing/walking around the financial district. It was really bizarre though, being there on a Sunday afternoon when it was almost entirely deserted! It felt like we were in a movie walking through the closely compacted buildings and streets...alone. Creepy. We made our way back up to the lower East side eventually and had Japanese food and then cupcakes from adorable Butter Lane for dessert (last photo).

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and maybe had some good eats in there too :)

Happy Wednesday!!


Monet said...

Beautiful pictures love! When are your plans to return to Colorado? We decided to take the plunge and we are moving to Austin in ten days. I want to see the new movie adapted from Eat, Pray, Love. I saw a preview last night!

Anonymous said...

your photos are legit as always... laura and I are jealous of your skills. Perhaps we will go on group photo walks in denver and you can educate us! So the wine class, did you try anything crazy exotic?