One of the things I miss most about India is eating breakfast (or lunch or dinner) accompanied by a tiny steaming cup of Masala Chai, unlike any other chai concoction I have tasted in this life. I haven't had masala chai since India (not even in New York! although I'm sure it is there :)). So, I was absolutely thrilled when I visited a dear friend in Boulder this week on a hot day and she took me to The Boulder Dushanbe Tea House, an international restaurant and tea house, specializing in food from Tajikistan as well as different types of food from Central and South East Asia. Despite the heat, we each ordered a boiling hot cup of chai, which came in a mug slightly larger than the tiny clay or glass cups of India. But it was perfect... and unlimited! Our server kept offering to refill our mugs. To eat, I ordered a dosa, a crepe- like item often filled with potato curry, and Hayley had delicious steak skewers. We spent the rest of the day around the beautiful CU- Boulder campus and later went to see the The Switch, which I must admit was pretty darn cute (and made me desperately miss NY). 

I hope you have a refreshing weekend in store!! I've had an intense week, and am definitely ready to catch up on some sleep and attend a yoga class or too :). 



I needed to be inspired by this today. Thanks to my friend Katie S. for posting on facebook. :)

Watch it twice.


London Town

My sister and brother in law are returning home today after a year in London! I can't wait to pick them up from the airport. It will be fantastic to have them in the United States again. In honor of their return, here are a few pictures from my quick trip to London last summer. I didn't have much time to see more than a few touristy things: Parliament, the River Thames, the London Eye, the Tate Modern, and St. Paul's Cathedral. The very last picture is of St. Paul's, which I took looking through one of the long windows at the Tate Modern. I love this beautiful city. It reminds me a great deal of another city that I love, New York :)

In other news, I am settling into my life here in Colorado, where I will be living for the next few months before another adventure (which I can't wait to share more about as the time comes closer). I haven't taken very many pictures since I've been back though. I'm finding that living in a more suburban environment will challenge me in a good way. In New York it was so easy to just step out my front door and find something fascinating to photograph. This is not necessarily the case here...at least not at first sight. Yet there is always beauty all around...I just have to learn to be creative and go out of my way a little more. Or maybe just to simply pay more attention to the beauty that's usually right in front of my face, no matter where I am.


why, hello

Why, hello. How is your week?

I went to the zoo on Saturday with some good friends of mine. It's been ages since I've been to the zoo. And now that I'm back living in my hometown, this particular zoo happens to be the same one I spent lots of time at as a little kid. It was a pretty fantastic experience to say the least. This giraffe with the kind eyes reminded me of my dog a little bit. Lots of licking.

On a slightly different note, I picked up The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at NYC's Strand last week before I made the move to Colorado. I've already finished it... and I'm actually hesitant to outright recommend it. But I couldn't put it down. If you choose to read it, don't read it at night. :)



I've been dreading this post for a while, and so I've been procrastinating blogging...but alas, the time has come. As of yesterday, I moved back to my home state of Colorado. It was a difficult decision to move back here and one that I postponed making for as long as possible....because the truth is...I love New York. I moved to the city exactly one year ago. I moved there for school and when my plans/direction dramatically changed course, I found myself fighting to remain in the city because I had fallen in love. With the people, the food, the pace of life, the diversity, even the craziness that is the subway at times :). I love that there is so much adventure to be had in one amazing place. There are many sound, wise, and even exciting opportunities and reasons why I chose to leave, but it was still so hard to say goodbye. However, I am a firm believer in trusting your gut and acting on what you believe is right for you. And for me, this is right. Though I must admit I already had a few moments yesterday thinking...What have I done? :). But I trust that this is not a permanent goodbye and I will return to this city that I love someday.

These photos are from my last week in New York. A huge part of enjoying yourself in the city is through eating out with friends... so it felt appropriate to mix up photos from around the city that I've snapped, with photos of some good eats and good company I've recently enjoyed. :) Pizza of course, Thai food, Indian food, the famous Max Brenners, and another favorite restaurant, Penelope. Also, the photos of the city scape/skyline are from my last night, when I headed to the "Top of the Rock" with a friend and my camera around midnight. Enjoy these! And please keep coming back here if you'd like...as I'll definitely still be blogging and photo-documenting from beautiful Colorado.