I've been dreading this post for a while, and so I've been procrastinating blogging...but alas, the time has come. As of yesterday, I moved back to my home state of Colorado. It was a difficult decision to move back here and one that I postponed making for as long as possible....because the truth is...I love New York. I moved to the city exactly one year ago. I moved there for school and when my plans/direction dramatically changed course, I found myself fighting to remain in the city because I had fallen in love. With the people, the food, the pace of life, the diversity, even the craziness that is the subway at times :). I love that there is so much adventure to be had in one amazing place. There are many sound, wise, and even exciting opportunities and reasons why I chose to leave, but it was still so hard to say goodbye. However, I am a firm believer in trusting your gut and acting on what you believe is right for you. And for me, this is right. Though I must admit I already had a few moments yesterday thinking...What have I done? :). But I trust that this is not a permanent goodbye and I will return to this city that I love someday.

These photos are from my last week in New York. A huge part of enjoying yourself in the city is through eating out with friends... so it felt appropriate to mix up photos from around the city that I've snapped, with photos of some good eats and good company I've recently enjoyed. :) Pizza of course, Thai food, Indian food, the famous Max Brenners, and another favorite restaurant, Penelope. Also, the photos of the city scape/skyline are from my last night, when I headed to the "Top of the Rock" with a friend and my camera around midnight. Enjoy these! And please keep coming back here if you'd like...as I'll definitely still be blogging and photo-documenting from beautiful Colorado.


lorene said...

While I'm sad that I won't get to see anymore amazing NYC pictures (for now!), I'm very proud of you for the hard decision you made! I love you Lydia! Can't wait to see some spectacular pictures of Colorado!

Monet said...

My dear friend...I know that you will find yourself doing great things (and discovering great shots) wherever you are. I wish I was in Colorado to welcome you back, but know that my heart is sending out lots of love!