London Town

My sister and brother in law are returning home today after a year in London! I can't wait to pick them up from the airport. It will be fantastic to have them in the United States again. In honor of their return, here are a few pictures from my quick trip to London last summer. I didn't have much time to see more than a few touristy things: Parliament, the River Thames, the London Eye, the Tate Modern, and St. Paul's Cathedral. The very last picture is of St. Paul's, which I took looking through one of the long windows at the Tate Modern. I love this beautiful city. It reminds me a great deal of another city that I love, New York :)

In other news, I am settling into my life here in Colorado, where I will be living for the next few months before another adventure (which I can't wait to share more about as the time comes closer). I haven't taken very many pictures since I've been back though. I'm finding that living in a more suburban environment will challenge me in a good way. In New York it was so easy to just step out my front door and find something fascinating to photograph. This is not necessarily the case here...at least not at first sight. Yet there is always beauty all around...I just have to learn to be creative and go out of my way a little more. Or maybe just to simply pay more attention to the beauty that's usually right in front of my face, no matter where I am.

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