One of the things I miss most about India is eating breakfast (or lunch or dinner) accompanied by a tiny steaming cup of Masala Chai, unlike any other chai concoction I have tasted in this life. I haven't had masala chai since India (not even in New York! although I'm sure it is there :)). So, I was absolutely thrilled when I visited a dear friend in Boulder this week on a hot day and she took me to The Boulder Dushanbe Tea House, an international restaurant and tea house, specializing in food from Tajikistan as well as different types of food from Central and South East Asia. Despite the heat, we each ordered a boiling hot cup of chai, which came in a mug slightly larger than the tiny clay or glass cups of India. But it was perfect... and unlimited! Our server kept offering to refill our mugs. To eat, I ordered a dosa, a crepe- like item often filled with potato curry, and Hayley had delicious steak skewers. We spent the rest of the day around the beautiful CU- Boulder campus and later went to see the The Switch, which I must admit was pretty darn cute (and made me desperately miss NY). 

I hope you have a refreshing weekend in store!! I've had an intense week, and am definitely ready to catch up on some sleep and attend a yoga class or too :). 


Monet said...

I need to attend a class myself! And I love this tea house...it made me so nostalgic for Colorado. I miss you and our beautiful state and hope you are doing well!

lorene said...

We need one of those places here in Vegas! There isn't really anything here for the tea enthusiast which is a total bummer.

I'm glad you liked The Switch... We were thinking of seeing it this weekend!

Miss you!

Morgan said...

Mmm! I haven't had anything close since I've been home. I think the magic ingredients are some dirt and soot and a tiny clay cup that you smash on the ground once you're done.