I was excited to find a small, tidy package stacked on top of the mail the other day. I ordered these beautiful hand-painted feather heart cards from Nate and Katie's Etsy shop and these pictures don't do the artwork justice!! They are almost too beautiful to send (even the packaging was amazing! I didn't want to take it apart). I brought these along to my favorite coffee shop in Colorado Springs, Poor Richards, and wrote a couple of notes to friends. It's one of my 2010 resolutions that has gotten the better of me. I love sending and receiving handwritten notes, and hopefully I can be better about it. Thanks to Nate and Katie for creating these and making them available to the world. Check out their beautiful shop if you get a chance! And while you're at it, visit Nate's blog, Hearblack. One of my favorites.

Hope everyone's having a nice week so far. Thanks to Elisabelle and Morgan for the film photography tips. If you have a suggestion, I'd love to hear it! (see my post below). 


Misty, fall morning in New York City
fig and peach
L. Josal
on our way back

Holy moly, there is soooooo much inspiration to be found on flickr!!!!! I'm trying to keep track of some of it in my flickr favorites (check it out...more where this came from!). I love love love Jacinta's photo stream (middle two photos of the fig and peach and ocean/and London). Amazing. Go there immediately. The bottom three photos belong to Parker, Hearblack, and Elisabelle in that order. And the top photo is mine :). It's my favorite shot from last fall in New York: misty morning, Central Park, fall leaves and my friend, Kyna.

 All I really want to do anymore is shoot film. I find myself being drawn to it over and over again...whether it's in the form of a specific photo or a blog. I'm on the lookout for my first film SLR. Any suggestions? Pentax? Canon? Holga? I'd love to hear your thoughts!! What do you shoot with?? I feel a little lost/overwhelmed. Thanks for your comments on my food post and for reading my very lengthy description (a little too lengthy). Happy Friday to you!


Eaten, recently

Eaten, recently
Eaten, recently
Eaten, recently
Eaten, recently
Eaten, recently

And here, as promised, are some of my recent eats in an attempt to be healthy and eat as raw as possible: 
1) Homemade oatmeal with sliced peaches for breakfast

2) This combination looks strange, I know. I didn't cook the onions long enough and I messed up the fried egg a bit. But nevertheless, this is my new favorite snack taken directly from Debbie Carlos' amazing tumblr blog. Her creation of peas/feta on toast looked so amazing, I knew I just had to try it! (thanks to Cup of Jo for the link!) Peas stir-fried in olive oil with onions and feta cheese, placed on whole wheat toast and topped with a plain fried egg. The only change I made was to swap red wine vinegar for apple cider vinegar.

3) Granola and plain organic yogurt with sliced apples for breakfast. My next goal is to make my granola from scratch.

4) Gluten-free pizza made with quinoa flour. My mom is an amazing cook. It's nice to be living back at home for a little while, with a family who is also striving to eat as close to raw as possible. I'll definitely be saving this recipe for when I have my own kitchen again.

5) Half spinach, half romaine salad. I hate most types of salad dressing. And to be honest this has kept me from liking and enjoying salads for most of my life. However, my mom recently gave me a brilliant idea to start eating salads with sliced avocado, sliced tomatoes, a few kidney beans, and a tad of salt and pepper to taste. Perfect. Plenty of moisture and flavor. Yum!

6) Last but not least, homemade, gluten-free banana bread made with quinoa flour and a little honey for sweetness. Doesn't count as a sugar item, right? :) Yet another beautiful recipe from my madre! I really just steal many of my ideas from her. 

I want to make hummus from scratch and also braised winter greens with chickpeas, onions, and garlic from the lovely Orangette blog, a new favorite. I've also created a flickr set for my recent eats, which will hopefully be updated regularly. 

Hope you're having a nice evening! I've been in a sort of crummy mood today and missing New York City terribly. However, after work I made myself a cup of tea, put on one of my favorites, You've Got Mail, and sat for a while listening to the rain outside. Feeling better now. :)



--A picnic with a good friend near the mountains I grew up with. It's crazy living in my home town again. We had an inspiring conversation about health, happiness and food. I've been inspired to try and eat raw as much as possible. And by raw I mean eating vegetables, eating whole grains, knowing exactly what goes into my homemade meals (for example--making my spaghetti sauce from scratch instead of buying a can from the store). In general, this is hard for me to do because I love food and I love to eat. And I get bored easily. But I am finding so much inspiration and creativity in this blogosphere. I will share some of my recent meals in my next post. I fail often at this new way of being and eating, but I'm working through it, finding that it's a daily process...a lifestyle change if you will.  Oh, and did I mention I'm trying to stay away from sugar for a little while? How appropriate that this post immediately follows my post about strawberry rhubarb pie. :) It's hard. I love sugar. I have the biggest sweet tooth known to man. But I think it will be worth it in the end.

On that note, I really do wish I could send a slice of homemade strawberry rhubarb pie to all of you!! ;) Or that we could meet up for a cup of tea. Thank you for your kind comments.  

P.S. I miss living near a Trader Joe's.


The End

I've been dying to make a strawberry rhubarb pie all summer (it's my absolute favorite!). I finally made time over the weekend. Two pies...one at home, and one at sister Laura's and brother in law Michael's adorable new apartment--pictured above. My baby sister (the future chef) and I christened their kitchen Saturday with a pie. She showed me how to properly chop the rhubarb, which really did make the second pie turn out better than the first. Michael and Laura cooked us dinner, while we listened to the perfect music for the occasion, Feist's Mushaboom. It felt like the end of summer. I've been seeing so many fall blog posts lately. I'll have to do one of my own soon. Hope you had an excellent start to the week! And thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my last post :). I love meeting so many amazing new people in this place we call the blogosphere. So wonderful. It makes my entire month!!


Apples and Berries

Sunday morning I insisted on dragging the sibs out of the house to pick berries and apples at the farm.  Hilariously I swear it was one of the windiest and driest days EVER. But despite the dust, we managed to walk away with bags of apples and a full container of raspberries. It was so bright I also managed to blow out almost every single photo. But here are the sort-of-not-as-blown-out ones. :) We need to make a pie next.

Hope you are having a nice labor day weekend! Just came across this quote that I like thanks to my friend Ryan:

"Labor day. People are off. People are happy. So am I." - ee Cummings


Flickr Fun

Hello friendlies,

I'm back on flickr and feeling lonely with all of 2 contacts. If you have a flickr, then comment your username so I can find you!! I updated the account tonight (which has been sitting there dormant for 6 months) with some of my old work from India and New York last year. Meaning that I have not taken any new photos since my little day trip to Boulder. Lame. Hopefully more to come over the weekend. In the meantime, enjoy these oldies but goodies, which were making me nostalgic for fall in the city.

Thanks for your comments lately, friends. :) Love you all!

PS: Check this out if you haven't yet