Flickr Fun

Hello friendlies,

I'm back on flickr and feeling lonely with all of 2 contacts. If you have a flickr, then comment your username so I can find you!! I updated the account tonight (which has been sitting there dormant for 6 months) with some of my old work from India and New York last year. Meaning that I have not taken any new photos since my little day trip to Boulder. Lame. Hopefully more to come over the weekend. In the meantime, enjoy these oldies but goodies, which were making me nostalgic for fall in the city.

Thanks for your comments lately, friends. :) Love you all!

PS: Check this out if you haven't yet


JMay said...

These photos are so lovely, seriously...you have a talent :-)

Reuben said...

my flickr username is reubenhernandez and that coffee looks so yummy