Misty, fall morning in New York City
fig and peach
L. Josal
on our way back

Holy moly, there is soooooo much inspiration to be found on flickr!!!!! I'm trying to keep track of some of it in my flickr favorites (check it out...more where this came from!). I love love love Jacinta's photo stream (middle two photos of the fig and peach and ocean/and London). Amazing. Go there immediately. The bottom three photos belong to Parker, Hearblack, and Elisabelle in that order. And the top photo is mine :). It's my favorite shot from last fall in New York: misty morning, Central Park, fall leaves and my friend, Kyna.

 All I really want to do anymore is shoot film. I find myself being drawn to it over and over again...whether it's in the form of a specific photo or a blog. I'm on the lookout for my first film SLR. Any suggestions? Pentax? Canon? Holga? I'd love to hear your thoughts!! What do you shoot with?? I feel a little lost/overwhelmed. Thanks for your comments on my food post and for reading my very lengthy description (a little too lengthy). Happy Friday to you!


Elisabelle said...

your photo is lovely.
as said on flickr, my latest huge crush is for the Pentax K1000.
I highly recommend it. I asked the same question 10 days ago: go and have a look at the comments if you would like, great photographers gave me good recommendations.

Monet said...

I know nothing about cameras...I wish I knew more! But I do know that your blog is a bright spot in my week. Keep on posting...you make me (and plenty of others) very happy!

Nell said...

These pictures are so amazing! x

HEARBLACK. said...

so glad you like the photo and were willing to share it!

also thrilled that you got the cards - and liked them!

lets continue to stay in touch, perhaps collaborate on a project in the near future


lorene said...

I don't know much about film cameras, but I do know that I've always wanted a holga!

Damaris said...

that picture with the beach is so inviting. I love it.

Morgan said...

I shoot with Pentax and Holga!! Love both of them :) Holga is definitely a cheaper original buy, but getting your film developed is expensive.

la franglaise said...

Stunning photos, indeed! Long live Flickr, eh?! Bisous