Here are some photos from the music and food portion of my evening at the Margarita (see below for part one) with my mom, good friends, and two amazing musicians! My mom and I were honored to be the guests of the musicians for the evening. We sat at the musician's table, ate a beautiful five course dinner (made with fresh, local ingredients), listened to beautiful music by composers such as Handel, Scarlatti, Bach, and Vivaldi, engaged in good laughs and stimulating conversation with excellent company, and I had a chance to shoot in low light. Shooting in low light, particularly shooting motion in low light, is always hard. There are a few unfortunate blurry ones and I wonder if it's time for me to go ahead and purchase a bounce flash for future low light situations. But for the most part I am pleased with how the photos turned out.

The music was really just amazing. We heard performances and collaborations from a talented, local classical guitarist, Tom,  and a multi- talented harpsichordist/vocalist, Linda Cummings. I enjoyed every minute of it, as did every other person in the restaurant! I was a music major in college and listening to these two perform made me want to actively play the piano again.  To Tom and Linda: thanks for including us in such a beautiful, inspiring evening!!   

P.S: Please check out my friend Monet's blog today. I love this girl and her beautiful blog, warm recipes, and genuine words, and I know you will too. Keep her precious nephew in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days. 


Monet said...

Oh sweet girl...thank you for your kind words. I am so touched by the caring notes you have been leaving me. You, as always, amaze me. Your skill is unquestionable, but what I love is that I can your heart in your photographs. Thank you for sharing with me.

Ashley said...

that is some goooood lookin food.

annalyn said...

what a lovely evening!

Megan said...

Looks and sounds like an amazing night! I agree with you about shooting in low light, it's a challenge I am working on too. But these turned out great! If you get a bounce flash I would love to hear how it works out for you!

Marie said...

Hey lady - thanks for stopping by and for the nice words :)
wow the food looks seriously delicious in this place, and I love the blue/green/orange lights, so so pretty
Have a fabulous day xx

Nell said...

Lovely pictures, and that food looks seriously good! xx

Morgan said...

Oh man... I must eat at this place someday!! Between the beautiful environment (I love the outdoor pictures from the last post) and that seriously amazing looking food... wow. Love! <3

Ida Nielsen said...

This looks and sound like a lovely evening! And now I'm hungry ;-)

lorene said...

That looks like such a fun evening!

I'm right there with you when it comes to shooting in low light... I was just talking to Chad about how I might need to get a better flash. Although, I'm always telling him there's some new piece of camera equipment I need to invest in! : )

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Wow, this looks like such an amazing evening. Beautiful.

Jess said...

What great pictures! Looks like you had a great evening, and some great food and drinks too!


MyLittlePhotographs said...

It looks lovely and delicious.