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An "indian summer" of sorts in Colorado this year. Hot, dry, high fire danger. 90 degree temperatures in late September. I went with my mom and sisters into the mountains to see the yellow trees. The heat and dryness has made for an interesting fall. In many areas, the trees are skipping red, orange, yellow and turning brown instead. However, the natural coolness of the mountains has managed to preserve some gold on the aspens. The intensity of the Colorado sun beats down on the trees, making the golden colors appear almost fake. The reservoir is low, but still beautiful. Flashes of yellow and gold still appear on the mountainside.

It's October. And quite honestly, I'm ready for cooler temperatures. Hoping for a lot of snow this winter!


Monet said...

This transported me to a land where Fall actually exists! Ahh, I miss Colorado. And I miss you! I'm coming home in a few weeks though, and I would love to connect with you. Thanks for sharing these with me, as always, they are beautiful.

lorene said...

You're so lucky to have trees that actually change colors. I'm stuck here with lame palm trees! I hope it cools down... Can't wait to see lots of snow pictures this winter from you!

Megan said...

These are awesome indian summer photos! They capture this transition period so well. I am also looking forward to cool days and hoping for snow this winter!

this free bird said...

Lydia we had that same heat here in Southern California and it's so intense and scary. The risk of fire is high and it always puts people on edge.

Love your pictures here...wishing cool weather your way!


Marie said...

Beautiful pics ! Make me want to visit Colorado :)

Anonymous said...

that picture of the water...SO RAD! the land looks so strange! Almost fake, but so lovely.