Meals with my family 
Crispy aspen leaves
Grey skies
Rainy days...

It was even cold enough to have a little fire going at one point! 

I picked knitting back up again. I learned how last year and started making a scarf, which I quickly abandoned and never finished. I don't know exactly what this latest knitting project of mine will become (see photo above). It's a bit too thick to be a scarf because I cast on too many stitches, and I've already made a ton of mistakes...but I'm determined to finish it, whatever it is!!! I also would love to try and make these toasties before Christmas (which I found via Ida's lovely blog). 

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my last "low light" post! It was especially fun hearing from those of you that also wrestle with shooting in low light. 
I hope you're enjoying what remains of autumn. :)


Lorene said...

What remains of autumn? Autumn is only just beginning here in Vegas! lol

I LOVED these pictures! Especially the one of the dog... What kind of dog is that?

Lydia said...

thanks, lady! :) that's my family's precious dog, Jack. He's a golden retriver-poodle mix (or "golden-doodle" as they're called...and the poodle happened to be black, so he was one of the only black puppies in the litter!).

has the weather cooled off there yet? I have a feeling fall is ending soon here in Colorado. :(

Lorene said...

Well I think he is absolutely beautiful! I've never seen a dog like him!

Had lots of rain this week... Finally temperatures in the 70's! Fall is just beginning here!

Josie said...

These are some of the best things about fall -- cozy knits, pretty leaves... Absolutely STUNNING photos.
xo Josie

annalyn said...

I wish I can knit also. that puppy is sweet!

Morgan said...

Love these, of course. So peaceful :)

lurve you said...

aw, that dog looks sooo tired!