Central park has got to be my favorite place in the fall. Definitely one of the best places known to man to take a photo walk.

I found a golden doodle pup (above), who was very excited by all of the geese swimming around. Watching her made me wish I could take Jack for a walk in Central Park. He would love it!

I've been slowly catching up on life since being back from my trip. One very important thing I got accomplished today included the purchase of Harry Potter tickets. Can't wait till next week!!!! :)


Elisabelle said...

what a wonderful time of the year to take photos of Central Park!!!

carolina said...

AMAZING pictures!! :)

i mean, your blog is full of amazing pictures <3

Marie said...

Beautiful pictures :) Central park is magical in the Fall xxx

Monet said...

So beautiful, Lydia. I love visiting the East Coast in the fall...I need to make it out to NYC soon! I can't wait to hear more about what is happening in your life. I also can't wait to catch up with you over christmas. I love those golden doodle dogs...if we ever get a dog, that will be it!

Lorene said...

The colors of the trees are seriously gorgeous! One day I'd like to visit (or live in) NYC in the fall...

Speaking of Harry Potter, I've finally started reading the books... I'm halfway done with the second one! I'm trying to read them all before the movie comes out!

Megan said...

Your photo of the geese in the water is such an interesting shot! These photos are all gorgeous. I definitely hope to make my way over to New York and Central Park someday.

Jess said...

You take the best pictures!! I'm especially loving the first one with the canoes. So serene and beautiful.

Morgan said...

The first photo reminds me of being in Pokhara, Nepal. Did you, Do, and Gared ever make it to Nepal or did you travel around India? The trees aren't the same, but there was a big lake with lots of boats.