More of Central Park! (and me holding a pumpkin) :)

My sister and I stumbled upon that castle pictured above when we were exploring Central Park last year. I finally made time to climb to the top of it this year, and it was soooo worth it, as the views were absolutely incredible!

At one point, I walked around a corner and happened upon this "pumpkin festival" in the park. It looked like something out of a dream! A little bizarre even. That's what I love about New York...you never know what you might find around the next corner. 


Lorene said...

So. Beautiful. That is all.

Peggy said...

What beautiful photos!

Elisabelle said...

such wonderful skies!!!
and indeed the pumpkin festival is odd is funny.
I wish I could be back to Central Park very soon:)

MOnet said...

I would have never thought that castle was in Central Park! What a great discovery...there is so much to explore in there! You look so adorable with your pumpkin. I love all that orange. Thank you for sharing...here's to a beautiful weekend! You deserve it.

MyLittlePhotographs said...

these are so beautiful, I especially love the first one.

Jess said...

These pictures put me in such a great mood! Beautiful.

Morgan said...

Stumbled across a castle in Central Park... amazing! haha, I really must visit there someday. Cute little pumpkin :) Grant and I went to a pumpkin patch this year... it ended up being a sad, tiny little place, but it was so much more fun than getting one from the store!

this free bird said...

i LOVE these pictures! that bottom one with you holding your pumpkin is magic!