After an hour or so at the cherry pie stand, we made it to the little town of Estes Park right around dusk. It was freezing...the kind of evening where you stroll outside for approximately 3 minutes before dashing into the first mom and pop store that sells homemade fudge, saltwater taffy, ice cream, and hot chocolate (and there are many!). We meant to spend an evening in Estes Park before Christmas, but never got around to it what with the busyness of the holiday season. But it didn't matter too much, as the whole town was still decked out in lights and wreaths. We pretended like it was Christmastime :).

I've been enjoying this song today (via On My Way).


Megan said...

Fantastic photos! That small town looks adorable and gorgeous in the sunset and I love the shot of the woman in the candy shop through the window.

rachael {hope} said...

you seriously drove right past me again and didn't even call?! so sad. glad you guys had fun in the mnts though.

Monet said...

So magical! It made me miss Colorado and feel nostalgic for the holidays (already!). I hope you are doing well, sweet girl. Send me a message or email and let me know what is happening in your life. Much love and many hugs!

Anonymous said...

Babe (Jermaine): Great pics, sweetie!! I can't believe with all the shivering I was doing on your arm that these pics came out so crisp and clear :-). Such a magical moment, day, night... May I make a suggestion: More pics of you, pretty please ;-).

Beckerman Girls said...

The city is just glowing and sparkling!!!! I want some cherry pie!!!! AWESOME pics..it looks like a winter Wonderland!!!
kisses and Happy FRIDAY!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


Morgan said...

Lydia! I absolutely love the photo you captured of the sweet little lady in the ice cream shop. And I love all of the lights <3

Kimberly Geneviève said...

that picture of the fudge lately is just perfect