-- I have to share a few pictures from last weekend and introduce you to the Colorado Cherry Company's cherry pie stand just outside of Estes Park, CO. The.absolute.best. cherry pie I've ever tasted!! And I can't forget the chilled cider. Who has ever heard of blackberry cider?! Incredible!

Also, I must introduce you to the boyfriend. Our little day in Estes Park was all his idea...cherry pie stand included. I think he's a keeper :)


Reuben said...

blackberry cider is so good!! i stopped at a very similar stand in south carolina and bought some. the packaging even looks the same

Elisabelle said...

yum! this pie looks great:)

Katie said...

hey - thanks for your comment on my blog! ahh, colorado. I'm so jealous. It is top on my list of places I would LOVE to live. If only my husband could find a job out there, we'd move from the gritty city in a second!

have a great weekend!

Kinsey Michaels said...

i'd say he's a keeper too! looks like a fun day! and beautiful pics of Colorado!

Morgan said...

How sweet that the boyfriend thought up that cute little adventure! Sounds like you are a lucky girl, as I KNOW that he is a lucky lucky guy :)

Megan said...

Those ciders sound awesome, I've only ever had apple variations but would love to try cider from other fruit! I've had some berry wines and definitely enjoyed those :) That last photo of the mountains is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Jermaine: Oh, sweetheart! So cute!! You're amazing, darling. Those pics are great, it feels as if I'm actually there (again). You make me so Happy...