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--A few more pictures from Estes Park...our adventure wouldn't have been complete without a trip to the famous and picturesque Stanley Hotel (made famous by The Shining). These pictures turned out a little more yellow and grainy than I would have liked...but I suppose it adds to the creepiness!  Between the low lighting, empty rooms, white furniture,  and old-school elevator chamber, we definitely managed to freak ourselves out a couple of times (J, thanks for the awesome ghost tour!) :). If you are ever in this part of Colorado, you must pay The Stanley Hotel a visit. It's awesome at night if you're in the mood for a little scare, and completely picturesque and stunning by day! My next step is to actually watch The Shining. Can you believe I've never even seen it? We'll see if I can handle it...

I've got tons of pictures to post this week from the beautiful long weekend I just spent in sunny Los Angeles! It was a nice break from snowy, freezing Colorado. Happy February to you! 


Megan said...

Oh man you have to watch The Shining now! It's such a great movie and it's different from the book, have you read it? I love the photo of you guys in the white covered chairs.

Anonymous said...

(J):Wow, sweetheart! You've got a great eye, the pics came out outstanding. So much fun & an unforgettable night. I've got The Shining waiting for you... (BOOO!!!) :-)

Monet said...

I've never seen it either...and your pictures are making me want to watch it now! They are beautiful (as always). I need you to send me an email explaining who this handsome man is...I'm curious :-)

Chloë said...

lovely pictures! this makes me want to watch the shining so bad

Ida Nielsen said...

Gorgeous, especially the first picture - wow!

Morgan said...

You two look like you have so much fun :) Maybe it was a good idea to see the hotel before the movie. The hotel would have probably been a lot scarier! Miss you, beautiful lady <3

Reuben said...

That's awesome that's the hotel from the Shining! The exterior looks like it may have been renovated since they shot the movie? I stayed at a creepy hotel in Australia that totally reminded me of The Shining and the showers were invested with some sort of crazy flies! I like the shot sequence of you guys in front of the mirror.

Kimberly Geneviève said...

What a view in that first picture! and I can't believe you've never watched the Shining, it's pretty terrifying but a classic!