Here are more long overdue pictures from California. During my trip, I got to spend almost a whole day in beautiful Santa Monica with dear friends from college, Lauren and Katie. We had lunch at Urth Caffe, spent time strolling on Main Street checking out tiny boutiques and craft shops and smelling the ocean breeze, and passed the rest of the windy afternoon at the beach. I went to college right down the coast from Santa Monica, and spent many an afternoon on the Santa Monica pier or at Third Street Promenade. It was a wonderful day and made me feel very nostalgic :). 

Life is busy right now...so it's good for me to look at these pictures from a few weeks ago. Also, winter has returned to Colorado this week and we're expecting tons of snow. Take me back to the California sun please!! :)


Lorene said...

LOVE the green house with the green VW outside! Try to enjoy the snowy weather in Colorado! I'll keep my fingers crossed that spring starts soon for you guys!

Morgan said...

Super snowy here too!! Nice to see some lovely sunny photos :) Palm trees!

Monet said...

Oh no...it is 80 degrees here. I'm glad to be in Texas right now :-) Such a great collection of photos, Lydia. I love buttons...and I loved those little button people! Too cute! Thanks for sharing, sweet girl! Hugs!

Kimberly Geneviève said...

ohhh this looks like home.

isn't Urth Cafe wonderful? Next time you should try M cafe. It's my favorite restaurant in all of los angeles. I go there all the time.

Reuben said...

Nice backlight and lens flare in the first shot. I was also in Cali the weekend before you posted these!