It's been so long!

How are all of you?

I've just recently returned from a little trip to New York and have a few photos to share. 
One of my favorite things to do when in New York is eat.
So I've decided that my next few posts shall focus on some of my favorite NY eats!
Most of these restaurants are quite famous, and I'm sure many of you have already experienced them yourselves.
But perhaps I can introduce you to a few gems, such as Silver Moon Bakery on the Upper West Side (pictured above).

I love the Upper West Side. I went to school there, worked there, and generally spent the majority of my year in NY there (and of course, none of this has to do with the fact that "You've Got Mail," my favorite movie of all time, was filmed entirely on the Upper West Side! ;)). I used to pass Silver Moon Bakery every day on my walk to work, letting myself be tortured by the smell of freshly baking bread and pastries. Yet, I never stopped in, until a friend recommended that I take a few moments to do so. I've been in love with this little bakery ever since. My favorite item has to be their fresh ginger-blueberry muffins. Please pay this place a little visit next time you're in New York. Then take a stroll through the nearby Riverside Park and greet the 91st street garden for me! 

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Lorene said...

Ginger-blueberry muffins?! Yes please! Keep the NYC food posts coming! I'm loving it! Miss you!