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Most of you have probably heard of the famous Grimaldi's Pizza located underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Most famous for being Frank Sinatra's favorite NY pizza joint, as well as for the super long line outside their door, Grimaldi's arguably serves some of the best pizza in all of New York City. The mozzarella is unbelievably fresh, the crust baked to perfection in a coal-brick oven. It's definitely worth the wait in line (however, one way to cheat the line on a warm day is to call ahead, order take out, and eat on the Brooklyn pier just down the street!). 

My boyfriend's favorite food is pizza. So Grimaldi's was a MUST for us on this trip, seeing as this was his first visit to NY. And I made sure that we did Grimaldi's the only way I like to do Grimaldi's: 

1) Begin the evening with a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge (from the Manhattan--Brooklyn side) right as the sun is setting.
2) Stop several times during your walk to admire the stunning views and take pictures. 
3) Cross the bridge into Brooklyn, stay right, keep to the bridge, and you will find yourself underneath the bridge right next to Grimaldi's Pizza.
4) Wait in line (it's worth it!) for x amount of minutes/hours.
5)  Be ushered inside by a Frank Sinatra look alike, sit elbow to elbow at a long table with a bunch of strangers, who are all just as excited to be there as you are! 
6) Eat some of the most amazing pizza and try the root beer!
7) Exit the restaurant, turn right and head towards the pier.
8) Admire the stunning views of the city and Brooklyn Bridge at night time. 
9) If the weather allows, grab some ice cream from The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory located right there on the pier.

There you have it! A recipe for a perfect evening with your friends or loved one, a great place to take visitors, and one of my absolute favorite touristy things to do in New York :). 

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Lorene said...

Oh, Lydia! You are such a good little tour guide! The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory will always remind me of you! Miss you!