Winter in Korea has been a bit harsh...particularly for me...although I used to enjoy bragging about how I grew up in Colorado (a state which I'm now convinced sees more sun than snow) and how I lived in New York City for a whole year and survived a winter there. This makes me laugh now.  I have never in my life experienced cold like I've experienced this winter. I've complained shamelessly about the frigid temperatures and how miserable I've been to anyone who will listen, and I've spent many a night huddled under my covers clutching my awesome, hot pink, old-school hot water bottle that my love sent me (he's the best!!).  

Despite my hatred of the cold, I managed to go on a twelve (yes, twelve!) mile walk across the city with friends back in February. Much of our walk took place along the Han River, and I enjoyed documenting our journey through photographs! The pictures of the bridges remind me of similar walks under and around the bridges of New York.  It was also interesting to encounter several runners participating in a race that day. I can't even imagine running long distance in this type of bone-chilling cold. Pretty amazing!

It was a fun experience to cross a huge city on foot during the dead of winter. Can't say I would have ever done anything like this without these three amazing people below:


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Wonderful pictures!