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It is hard for me to believe that my last post is dated from well over a year ago. I thought that maybe I'd given up on blogging for good until a recent trip to Seattle convinced me otherwise...

During my visit, I got to see this lady and we spent a solid two hours during a leisurely walk around Green Lake Park talking about our old blogs (and why exactly did we quit blogging again?). I know that for me, my delay in returning to this space has been, in part, due to a little bit of laziness and procrastination... and a lot of fear and insecurity. There's so much more I want to learn about HTML, design, and photography, so much more I wish I had accomplished in these last few years. It's so easy to feel inadequate and to feel like my online space isn't pretty enough or visually inspiring. (Perhaps this is especially true after perusing all of the amazingly beautiful blogs and photography websites out there!). But after a talk with one of my best girlfriends (thank god for best girlfriends!), we decided to jump back in together and pick up where we'd left off...learning as we go along, which, after all, is the best way to learn anything. Check out her fabulous blog here.

So here I am, back again! I now live in Denver, Colorado, approximately 45 minutes away from my hometown...a place I never thought I'd end up in a million years. But you know what? I love it here and I genuinely never thought I'd say or write those words. Life has a way of surprising me!

One of the things I love most about living in Denver is the number of scenic getaways within a 1-2 hours drive from the city. My boyfriend, Jermaine, and I have an October tradition. We drive to the mountains and spend a day among the yellow aspens. We drink coffee and possibly stop in a local pub for a beer and slice of cobbler. Here are a few photos from our day spent in Vail and Breckenridge last month. Vail is one of my favorite places in the world and is often referred to as "Little Switzerland" for its breathtaking views and European architecture. Breckenridge is located right on the way to Vail (about 45 minutes before if you're driving from Denver), and is definitely worth a stop --if only just to pay this cutest, little, yellow Starbucks a visit! Cheers to these remaining few weeks of fall!

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