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Traveling is one of my life's passions. I was recently lucky enough to spend a full year abroad teaching English in Seoul, South Korea and traveling/backpacking around Asia with one of my dearest friends, Sarah. I remember a conversation we had as our time in Korea came to a close. I was feeling SO ready to come home, so so ready to see my family and Jermaine after months apart; yet, I was also feeling nostalgic for the months of travel and the adventures we had experienced. A part of me was half dreading returning home to routine and monotony, and I remember expressing my fear that perhaps I would NEVER travel or experience the world again (a bit extreme, but I tend to be overdramatic) :). Sarah assured me that of course we would both still travel... but maybe it would look different than a whole year abroad. Maybe it would be just be as simple as traveling to one new place each year.

This idea of committing to travel someplace new once a year has stuck with me. This past September, I decided to make this commitment a reality for 2013 by visiting Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, a place I'd never seen but had long wanted to visit. I had a fantastic week, spending almost every day with dear friends and family. On my last day in Seattle, I decided to wake up at 4:30am to catch a bus to Vancouver in hopes of spending a day there. Vancouver has been on my bucket list of "must see" places for years and it did not disappoint! I rented a small and very weird bike for the day (see pictures of the weirdness below), and I rode all over the breathtaking Stanley Park and Granville park. I spent my afternoon among the skyscrapers of downtown, eating fish tacos from the most expensive street cart (hello, Canada!), and wandering around the boats and the coastline. 

It was so much fun to explore this beautiful, diverse metropolis on my own, free from the agenda or needs and wants of a traveling companion. I was also acutely reminded of why I so enjoy traveling with others. There was no one to marvel with about the beauty and cleanliness of the city, no one to laugh with about the odd bike rental, or seemingly random Chevron gas/oil station in the middle of the water. There was no one to take pictures with, and no one to reminisce with me on the bus ride home. I have since decided that while a solo adventure is nice once in a while--nothing compares to traveling with those that you love.

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Lorene said...

Your photos are stunning (as usual)!

Glad to see you're blogging again! I've missed your posts!