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Today is my love's birthday! I wrote this post on our three year anniversary back in November, however, never got around to sharing it. I thought I'd share today instead...

November 26th, 2013:
Today marks three years of life with this guy. I feel as though I say this every year, but it really does feel like we've been together forever and yet only moments ago we were on this island in South Korea mere months after we'd met and started dating. I was going through these pictures the other day, realizing I'd never shared these in any capacity (not even Facebook!).

I had been living in Korea and teaching English for three months before J came to visit me. We had talked over Skype and planned on visiting this island for a little weekend excursion during his stay. It was a pretty fun and hilarious adventure. We took a ferry ride from the mainland to the island, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the seagulls dive-bombing the boat to greedily devour anything offered by a passenger. We went camping on the beach in a tiny little hut (something neither of us are particularly fond of). And we spent the majority of the weekend soaking in the sounds of the water, exploring the coastline, and photographing the sunsets. I think one of the things I love most about our relationship is that we are constantly pushing each other beyond the realm of comfort, and discovering that life on the other side of the unknown is a pretty beautiful thing.

Happy birthday, Love!

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